Bottom wishbone should be the one that has the nose inclined.
Top wishbone can be used the straight. See next picture.

This one that comes from an XJS or late S3 those will give you the required caster and more.
For the street is and angle of 4.5° the best.
If you use the curbed type (not the straight ones) you will never get 4.5°
I really don’t understand why DAX don’t want to give the best caster angle………..
They only mention that the maximal difference should be no more than 0.5°
One big mistake is to use the camber shims to adjust the caster. Please don’t do that!

To measure this angle we use the above described angle tool. See

We put the tool against the wheel rim (brake disk or wheel mounting flanges is also OK) and we get the angle.
To change you camber angle you need to put shims between the top fulcrum shaft and the frame support plate.
It is advisable to use the square slotted shims instead of normal rings because this will be easy to replace without remove the bolt.

So go to the store and buy some steel bar from 30x5 mm or thinner.
Distance between the bolts = 4” or 101.6 mm
Both bolts, should have the same amount of shims, otherwise you will change the caster angle and that is a real
NO GO area.

Here we need to use some aluminum angle bars 50x50 mm, is right.
We need two of those, one each wheel.
The idea is to remove the wheel and use the brake disk as a reference to measure the toe angle.
We need to put our steer or wheels in the most possible straight position.

Cut the angle bar at a length that suits you Cobra and mark the middle of the angle bar.
Now clamp the angle bar against the brake disk just in such way that the center of the disk correspond to the mark at the angle bar.
Do the same at the other wheel.
We use some measuring tape to check the front of the angle bar and the rear.
Now here you have two distances and the length of the angle bar, with some triangle calculations you will be able to determine the angle.
Let me know if we need to change something.
I hope this will help some one to make the Cobra more drivable and safe


Knowledge shared with others will result in Progress.

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Use the shims recommended by the kit vendor to correct the angle, don’t forget that here you have different types of top and bottom wishbones. (See here the Jaguar Shim dimensions)