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When you need to select for a “Booster” on LHD cars, you will encounter the space difficulty due to the position of the “Steering Column” if you want a big booster the space left for the booster is minimal so the option is to use and smaller booster.

I have found a very nice booster from at Toyota Starlet that has the same bolt pattern than the MC.

You need to be CAREFUL with the seal rubber at the end of the MC that is located at the Booster. I have made one my self with the right hole for the booster push rod.

Also remember to adjust correctly the end play of the booster rod, max. 0.4 mm. You will adjust that via the bolt and nut At the rear of the booster.

This apply not only for this setup but for all the booster brake assemblies.

Proportional Valve.

We need to select a correct proportional valve to reduce the pressure at the rear calipers, so that we don’t block the rear wheels before the front wheels.

Again I have a made and excel spread sheet to do all the calculation and make a graphic that help to understand what happens.

What we want to achieve is that the pressure is limited to the rear calipers at a determined point but that it climb at an other angle than the front pressure. We call that the split point.

We know the required pressure at the front and at the rear.

Both are different.

We make, the pressure, almost equal due to the proportional valve.

I have found that a 30% slope at the Proportional Valve will suit our needs.

See the excel calculation and graphic. (Download)