Engine Specifications

TOTAL NEW with 4” bore

Crate Engine 350 CID =

5733 cc

Combustion chamber 58 cc

Quench 0.040”

Compression ratio 10:1 (static)

Dynamic CR = 8.26

Power at the crank 405 HP at 5500 rpm (Of more)

= 302 Kw at 5500 rpm

Torque 462 ft-lbs at 4000 rpm

= 626 Nm at 4000 rpm


Used Parts:



ISKYRIDIAN 211257/265  0,465 IN 0,485 OUT @ 257/265 Adv.  @0,050" 209/217

AFR 180 Heads CNC ported. 2.02” inlet valve and 1.6” outlet valve.

OEM Hydraulic rollers lifters,

“March” serpentine pulley set,

Scorpion roller rockers ratio 1.6,

Trick Flow Pushrods, Chromemoly, Heat Treated, 5/16 in. Diameter, 7.100”

Comp Cams aluminum water pump WP-350LS,

Ford Racing 24# injectors part M-9593-A302,

We will change the EPROM to adapt the injector size.

 HV Sealed Power Oil Pump.

Knock sensor GM # 10456288 (required for a 350 cid engine that runs with SD injection)

Fel Pro Head gasket 

(0.015”  #  FEL1094)

ARP Head bolts # ARP134-3601

SB Chevy ZZ4 Harmonic Balancer 8”.

Billet Adjustable Timing Pointer.

Lots of expensive bolts (Don’t forget that, it cost a fortune all the small parts)

Etc. etc. etc.


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Are you looking for a compression ratio calculation?  Download this excel spread sheet.

You will find you Static Compression Ratio and also the Dynamic Compression Ratio .

Quench or Squish Height is also calculated.

Revised at 27 - Oktober.-2007

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