AFR standard delivering. Perfect packing, includes wooden side protection with foam.

You can see here some details like the coolant hole.

The nice AFR Logo looks impressive.

Combustion chambers CNC machined

AFR HEADS (180 cc Eliminator Series)

This heads are the most powerful heads in the industry. (Bolt ON)

They are full CNC ported and the flow figures are perfect.

When you decide to buy a new head check  the flow figures at the 0.4” valve lift, compare to others and than select the best.

We have select the #911 with 75 cc combustion chamber and we want to get milled down to 58 cc.

This way was advised by AFR. The milling work has been done by AFR.

A view of the inlet port, watch the difficult shape. CNC machined.


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Pocket Porting is done by AFR, valve seat are perfect shaped.

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