The heater size and the amount of air hoses make the area behind the dash very crowded.

Some people use to make the intake from the engine compartment, but I don’t like that due to the bad fumes.

For that reason I have look to several possibilities and found the “Radiators” used by some personal computers “PC” that are tweaked use very slink radiators.

To make the decision, you need to check the design pressure of the radiator.

Those PC radiator are designed to handle 20 bar.

On top of the radiator I have installed two PC housing 12v Fan's that delivers lots of CFM of Air but it make some noise for home but not for the Cobra.

OK see the pictures for more details.

Here is the flat radiator with the connections .

Some aluminum to make the air box. Just bend and fold aluminum sheet and use pop rivet to fix the box.

We have made a box behind the dash that hold the air box. The heater socks air from the driver compartment.

Aluminum tape was used to seal all the small openings.

If we connect to the tube the nice air adjustable vents we have solved our problem.

The distribution ducts are placed. We need to design a valve that direct the air to the wind screen.

To get an idea here is the tunnel top with the side panels. As you can see, there is plenty room for the instruments.

The air valve was made using a rod and some folded aluminum (wrapped around) use epoxy glue for this.

Be careful with the air inlet area, don’t make to small, this will introduce a lot of pressure drop and lose the efficiency of the fan’s.

You need to seal all the small openings of the box to get the best performance.

I hope this help some one.


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