Tank level sender build on request


Knowledge shared with others will result in Progress.

The AC Cobra Replica Site

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17” Image CHB type” with covered bolts!!!


Never forget to reserve enough money for the tires.

15” wheels looks like the original but there is not so much tires choice.

I use Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

275/40 ZR17” (98Y) at the rear

235/45 ZR17” (94Y) at the front.

Revised at 27 - Oktober.-2007

33 Ohm Full and 240 ohm Empty

Fuel tank dimensions + 36 L LPG

Nardi Steering Wheel.

3D design! SolidWorks

“Todd” a borrowed driver has bad manners

Fuel Pump Piping

Damage at Zandvoort

Front wheel

Rear wheel

Broke Caliper

Just minutes after the accident

Aireal view of the place

Spinner with dome casting

Machined spinner for the locks


Rear installed

Damage side installed

Exhaust 14 years ago.

My lathe works is good enough

Not bad! for an amature

Nice and according the design

Old clutch slave design

Cibie Head lamps

Watch the number!

Did you cut the edge of the hub?

Alignment, who don’t need it?

Need to say something?

Softtop installed

Other view of softtop

Softop after a Zandvoort day

From a distance!

That day did rain a lot!

My life!

How many of those I did visit?

Test drive

A bracket helps!

The other side

Just a cut out of a louver.

A lot of joy is on the road!